Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

Medical Affairs

  • Documents for preclinical and clinical studies.
  • Scientific journal articles.
  • Patient questionnaires.
  • Galenic development.
  • Diagnostic techniques.


  • Pharmaceutical documentation: Summaries of product characteristics (SPCs), labelling and patient information leaflets.
  • Product descriptions and specification data sheets.
  • Marketing authorisation applications for drugs and pesticides.
  • Expert reports on the pharmacological, toxicological and clinical documentation.


  • Flyers, CDs, Websites, catalogues and other marketing materials.
  • Product monographs.
  • Medical device documentation: Stress test devices, electrocardiographs, pacemakers, defibrillators, spirometers, ultrasound machines, continuous ECG analysis systems, operating room instruments and laboratory and dentistry equipment, etc.
  • Biological treatment and environmental impact studies.

Medical writing

Medical Affairs

  • Clinical and hospital monographs.
  • Creation and review of pharmacoeconomic reports.


  • Creation of expert reports on the pharmacological, toxicological and clinical documentation.
  • Adaptation to the readability of the labelling and package leaflet of medicinal products for human use/QRD: PIL Test.
  • SPCs harmonization.
  • Creation of registration dossiers.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Product monographs.
  • Slide kits (study synthesis, disease, etc.).
  • Creation of scientific contents for websites.

Technical Translations

Aeronautical, automotive, naval

  • diverse interpretation and document translation projects for companies in the aviation sector, including the manufacture of aircraft parts and instruments.
  • Automotive design documentation, naval engineering and marine engine technology.

Renewable energies

  • Wind and photovoltaic power project documentation.

Electrical engineering, robotics, industrial automation

  • Documentation projects regarding turbogenerators, potential transformers, robotics, motion controllers, sensors, switches, lasers and analytical measurement technologies.


  • Simultaneous interpretation.
  • Consecutive interpretation.
  • Liaison and escort interpretation.
  • Whispered interpretation.
  • Sworn interpretation.

Software localisation of medical devices

  • Websites.
  • Documentation.
  • User interfaces.
  • Online Help.